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Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Night of Everything Smorgasbord!

my friend Ecker was in Dubai 10 days ago reflecting on his next career move when he sent an SMS to me telling me how much he's loving Dubai...what followed was an exchange of text messages that led us to set a dinner date which we have already agreed on even before he came here...

somewhat realizing that he's quite okrayera, I decided Al Dawaar is the best venue for this tete-a-tete...I was in Emirates Academy then and I picked him up in Sheikh Zayed kasi he's staying with his friends who are working in Emirates...

"He looks almost the same, he's still good looking..." - that's what I thought when I saw him excitedly approaching the taxi while I wait for him inside...mind you, Ecker's always been really cute since our Science High School days (and yeah, bright as well like most of us certainly know, birds of the same feather...LOL!)

I have never seen him like some of our barkadas when he studied in La Salle after our high school thing i've known about him was when i read his name as a production designer in a "Maalaala Mo Kaya" episode...shoots! this guy really, really went that far! since then, i can not stop myself bragging about him to my friends in Dubai anymore...and my best pal Jason who works as a techie in Philippine Airlines ( i told you, we're a bunch of smart ass!ahehehhehe) told me more about Ecker's "humble" conquests...but i never had the chance to get his contact details as me and Jason were having a different conversation that our topic strayed to some other equally interesting and juicy bits of our lives...(hahahahahaha! Jason, i miss you dear!)

anyway, in the taxi on our way to dinner, both of us can not seem to contain ourselves of the excitement and thrill of seeing each other again after 10 years (give or take a few months, i don't feel like calculating at this moment...ahihihihi). within the almost one hour drive, we've updated ourselves on each other's where- and whatabouts - life after highschool, our relationships, flings, our jobs, how I came here to Dubai, how he ended up in ABSCBN, updates on our other friends' lives - whew! i'd say, we've talked about almost everything we can think of!

and we continued chatting, of course, until we get to Al Dawaar...he was quite impressed with the place which is a revolving restaurant - a 360 degree view of Dubai atop a 25 storey building, the only one in Dubai! that just sealed his desire to live and work here - regardless of the scorching heat of the summer months! he said he knew the moment he arrived that this is a place he would want to stay in...

i had virgin mojito and him, red wine...then, we devoured the buffet! f**k! i'ts way past 9 pm already i was so hungry i could eat a cow!

hahahahah! andami kong nalaman at natutunan sa kanya in just a few hours...ang clumsy pa rin nya kc nakabasag cia ng wine glass while telling me a story during a production shoot ng isang teleserye...matagal ko na ciang friend pero that night ko lang nalaman na sobrang love nya ang ang sweets at ng milk...he said he loves the arabic sweet baklava...i made him try another arabic sweet Umm Ali and that too was an instant ciempre, him being in the Philippine Entertainment world, andami kong nasagap na chizmiz sa kanya tungkol sa mga artista! gustong gusto ko sanang isulat sa blog ko kaya lang sabi nya sa kin, "Ikaw na bakla ka! Wag mong masulat sulat sa blog mo yung mga sinabi ko sa yo ha!" ahahahahahah! ciempre, I said yes to him and I intend to keep my word...anghirap nito!

yung isa sa naging topic namin is yung tungkol sa relationships namin...isa yun sa tumimo sa utak ko...i have already checked his ex bf sa friendster...ooooppss! his uber cute ex bf, that is...hahahahahha...i liked the idea but i didn't really love it...I still feel strange about it...dunno. Cguro, i'll discuss it separately in length later in my blog...kase, until now, I'm still pondering about it...hmmmm...

i had a great time! it was such a breeze to have seen Ecker again...he brought with him gazillions of fond high school ciempre, ang pinakagusto kong topic ever eh yung tungkol kay papa Jake Cuenca! sobra! here's a pic of him with mah friend! kainis ka Ecker! id do anything to switch myself in your place in that pic!

I Crush You Jake Cuenca! amin na lang ni Ecker yung pinagusapan namin about him...ahihihihihi...but he said Jake is sooooo mabait and has no qualms about things like he is not maarte...and he does his own shopping for clothes...shoots! he tends on verging to being vain daw when it comes to that...ahahahahahah! basta! gotta see him when i get back to the Philippines...a must!

well, i'll be watching out for Ecker's next project - Betty La Fea! right now, im nothin' but excited! ait!


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