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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Of Battles

Everyday, we are confronted with our own battles.

Be it with ourselves or with somebody else.
A battle with something or with the unknown.

Needless to say, battles are oftentimes uncalled for. Ah! Life will never be life without it.

To some of us, we look at each battle with the most courage we could muster, firmly believing that it should be fought with an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

Some, plays it on the safer side - choosing which battle to fight and which one to drop.

And then, there are some who finds it easier to just bow down everytime and give in to avoid making waves, hoping that if they just walk away, eventually, the tides will die down.

But, no matter how we face it, one thing is for sure - battles will never be there if only to challenge us.

Be it to make us a better person or, as some may conveniently choose, to make us regret that we never will be.


  1. it's nice to choose Luna's Spoils of the Arena as your pic for this post. para tuloy ang daming poot!

    nakikisingit lang. God bless!

  2. ano ba ang battle mo sa ngayon? ako.. uhmm.. battle of survival? hahaha..

    God Bless..

  3. @utoysaves,

    tnx for visiting. may poot ba? hahahaha. no worries, it's a work in progress. id be checking your blog soon.

    @ minnie,

    battle of who could care less yata mare. ahahahahaha. salamat sa pagbisita.

  4. nagpatalo ako sa aking sariling laban kaya eto nakalugmok.. mas pinili ko na ito. dito madilim, magisa pero payapa...

  5. @ anonymous,

    sabi sa prison break, kapag nakapag-adjust na ang vision mo sa dilim, makikita mo na rin ang mga bagay bagay sa paligid mo. pag nangyari yun, dun mo malalaman na hindi pa pala payapa ang lahat...

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