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Saturday, November 29, 2008

27 Philosophies of My Slightly Twisted Mind

Why 27? I'd be reaching that age in a few days and I'd like to believe that I have learned at least 27 lessons in life no matter how twisted. Well, ciempre, mas marami naman kaysa sa noomero na 'yan pero gusto ko lang i-highlight 'tong mga gawa-gawa kong quotes/philosophies/guides/rules ko sa buhay. Hindi n'yo kailangang maniwala o manalig. Just read 'em and take 'em as they are.

Mahilig ako sa quotes and I appreciate the great people who became famous because of one-liners. Pero ayoko nang nanggagaya. I'd like to think na I can formulate one myself. Why not, di ba? So, just read on. Again, these are not just quotes. These are my guide to my life. Choz!


1. Keep your friends close. And your enemies, heck! Don't keep them!

2. Listen as passionately as you would talk.

3. On a seriously equivocal note, no one is born lucky. There are just people who count their blessings. And yes, they do count each twice. The more often, the luckier.

4. Never blame. Just point out the mistake. If anyone winces, that person probably has to.

5. Admit that you are wrong when you are wrong.

6. Once in a while, claim victory without humility. It inspires people.

7. By all means, cry! It clears the eyes.

8. In the same fashion, by all means, laugh! It gives more benefit than just clearing your vision.

9. Laughter should be a social disease. So, crack a joke, make funny faces whatever. Just go the extra mile at least once for a person you know.

10. Go on a diet. Abort it anytime you want to.

11. Be smart. Be intelligent. Be shrewd. Be in the know. There's no point in not using your brain.

12. Do not fall trapped to the sorry belief that physical beauty is superficial. You would not want to tell yourself when you are already aging that you wish you made the "effort" when you were younger.

13. Trust your instinct. If you feel something different about anything, maybe it's worth "googling".

14. Pray as often as you like. Talking to God is a gift. Everyone gets it.

15. Regardless of the intention and no matter how sugarcoated, a lie is still a lie. When I give anyone a chance to lie to me, that means I'm giving that person a chance to lie to me again. And the chance that I give is the last chance to choose between coming clean and going out of my life.

16. If someone does me wrong, I promise myself I'd be magnanimous (in my own time). If a friend does me wrong, I don't promise myself anything. I'm not good in dealing with treachery.

17. A person who baby talks way beyond his/her age is more irritating than a person who plays know-it-all. Both better stay away from me. I honestly do not have that amount of patience and understanding yet to be close to them.

18. Learn how to cook. That's one skill you need to add to your survival kit and a step you have to take to learn how to cook well.

19. Have your moods and be honest about it. Being vocal about it is optional when you're in a good mood but is required when you're in a bad mood. Other people have to know if you need them to back off. It may not be appreciated at all times but it surely saves a lot of possible awkward moments.

20. Travel light. Uhmm, I'm a work in progress with this rule. But, considering that during the past I have already experienced a lot of mishaps (usually really funny!) when I do otherwise, I do, at least, make the effort to cut down on my luggages and backpacks and handbags and carrycase and...oh for Pete's sake just shoot me! LOL.

21. Love math and try to be good at it. For those moments when you feel like reminiscing how great you were during your student years, it will make you smile to think that other people accorded you some respect just because they suck at what you're good at.

22. When you lose or fail at anything, do not hesitate to feel bad about it. Just get over it soon and do not grow bitter about it. If it helps, know that in life, there is not only the possibility to lose or fail but also the virtual certainty that in some ocassions, we are bound to.

23. Love your family.

24. Help people when you can. It's a chance to share your blessings and it is a choice that your heart has to make.

25. Never be afraid of change. Just be prepared. And even when you're not, just try hard to bounce back.

26. Respect is supposed to be a two-way street. You don't get it if you can't give any. But just because you didn't get what you give should you feel bad about yourself. No, you didn't do anything wrong. Some people are just more of a taker.

27. Never fool yourself. It's a battle that you can never win.


  1. mare, I love you for this list! mwah! mwah! I can really hear myself say TRUE! OUCH! THAT HURTS! AGREE! o di ba? kada number ata may reaction ako. hahahaha!

  2. thanks for sharing those qoutes of yours thay are really inspiring! actually i have learned a lot of things from you and you know that!you are such an inspiration ning! thanks again and advance HAPPY BIRTH DAY!

  3. ang ganda kaya lang masyadong malalim di ko maarok!

  4. @ ifoundme,

    hahaha. nalokah naman ako na kada noomero eh may reaction ka. glad you liked it! :-)

    @ doms,

    o di ba? sharing talaga. glad i inspire you. :-)

    @ rubia,

    jetlag lang yan. pahinga ka muna tapos basahin mo ulet. hahahhaha. :-)

  5. 4, 6, 10, 23, 27 love these quotes mare... love it.. apee bertdei..

  6. Pangtwist talaga ng mind specially ngayong monthend closing!!!kakaloka

  7. i must admit, mahilig din ako sa quotes. i have a lot of it written in my organizer. and i somehow happen to live by some of it.

    experience is the best teacher in life. we learn from the challenges that life throws at us.

    thanks for sharing yours.
    advance happy birthday, fellow sagittarian.
    merry christmas as well.

  8. "Go on a diet. Abort it anytime you want to."

    Ahaha... Love that one!

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