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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Game Over

Sometimes, it is amazing how far we can go in playing the game of make believe.

We convince ourselves that we have everything on hand when we could easily point out what is lacking.

We exude strength when deep inside we are obviously falling apart.

We stay nice to people when we just want to shut everybody out of our lives and be alone for a while.

Ah! The extent of pretending and the reward it pays us. Sadly, people buy it and occasionally, we fall prey to it.

And while some of us would eventually find our way back to embracing reality, others feel that in the game of make believe, the only way to win is to make other people believe it too.


  1. waaah.. reminds me of my favorite song.. 'who is that girl I see, staring right back at me, when will my reflection show, who I am inside'.. *emo*

  2. Magpakatotoo! yun ba ang moral lesson ng post mo Ni?! That way di mo niloloko ang iba at honest ka pati sa sarili mo...

    think think think...


  3. alam mo magpakatotoo ka lang tsong kung may problema naman ay andito lang ako :-)

  4. mare, napapagod na ba? halika! dali! bigyan kita ng hug... yan ay kung ikaw ang napapagod....

  5. @ minnie,

    love that song too. mulan, ikaw ba yan? ahihihihih.

    @ jong,

    di naman yun yung moral lesson...meron ba? LOL!

    @ hisnameisdencios,

    salamat tol. talaga naman, andiyan ka lang ha! touched ako...*blushness*

    @ ifoundme,

    mare, salamat sa pagdamay. pero ok naman ang lola mo. im certainly back to where i should be. :-)

  6. mukang may emotion ang post mo ah.
    kaya mo yan tsong.
    dito lang ang blogosporyo.

  7. I just found your blog today and I think I'll spend several days over.