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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Of Writing

well, Mitz and I were reading my blog yesterday. she said na i'm still enjoying this "writing thing" kasi i'm in that point of my life na i really need it. she said she's somewhat "över" it na daw kasi she's been actively writing before naman. she's written everything na daw yata with matching details kung ano ang naganap nuong april 10, 1977. she said this is my way of letting things out from myself ( maybe to ease out some weight off me kasi a person can not carry too much stuffs with him naman ).

although being an associate editor of our school paper before ( hahahaha! ligwak sa yabang! ) gave me so much exposure sa writing ( especially news! ), I have been routinely keeping a day-to-day ( uhmmm, ok, a little less frequent than that ) account of what's going on in my life. fact is, this is not the first time na i'm writing a journal-like material. i have been writing the same stuffs na rin before pero less matured ang approach ko ( as if naman may maturity? ahihihihi ). well, yung mga subjects might somehow still be the same pero the way I see things now is surprisingly different from how I see things X year(s) ago. siguro, this is what Mitz failed to realize - that writing is more than an outlet of emotion and ideas.

from what i believe, had experienced and still is experiencing, writing gives me the "emotion-and-idea learning cycle" ( hehehehe, pauso! ). yes, totoong outlet of emotion and ideas pero one should not miss that "opportunity" to learn something from what he/she has written.

when you write sa journal mo na "i feel bad today kasi hindi ko masuot yung gusto kong damit. party pa naman ngayon kaya lang tumaba ako ng ilang pounds...". it may sound petty and you might have eased your disappointment a bit for that pero when you read it again, there is something to learn out of it eh!

tessa conciensia: eh gurl, ano bang matututunan dun?

potah ka! kailangan pa bang i-feed kung anong lesson dun? whatever it is, yun na yun!

you write, you learn. and that, for me, never runs out of date. my dear friend Mitz, I do not believe na you can really get over it. na, writing is just a phase in our life. I think hindi natin dapat i-overlook yung fact na learning is a lifelong process.

we might find that there are other ways of letting out things from ourselves ( like, perhaps, talking to someone ) but then, people are not always available when you need them di ba? and besides, I would like to make a stand by saying na there could be no one out there who really knows who we are but ourselves. and what better way is there than to read what you "yourself", "said"?

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  1. haha. I love reading your blog posts bro. We have some common.