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Friday, June 26, 2009

Lip Liner 7

Wimbledon Disappointment.

Rafael Nadal is not playing the grass this year. I was soooo disappointed! Hindi na nga n'ya na-defend 'yung French Open, pati ba naman ang Wimbledon? But then again, that does not change the fact that he is a great player. I just wish he stays out of injuries so people can see him playing Grand Slams more often for the many years to come. Besides, tennis will become boring without him.

Pop Goes the King.

Michael Jackson died on Thursday. I grew up to his music and had tried to emulate his moonwalk. Sheez! Just kiddin' on the moonwalk part. Hehehehe. Well, I assume that he is one celebrity not a single person on earth who is not in a coma does not recognize ( no matter how vague, no matter how demeaning ). So, expect a barrage of news on every media about anything related to the King of Pop.

Probably Probable.

I have been using the word "probably" so profusely in my correspondence and conversations that I think I am beginning to unuse "maybe". I just love the sound and tone it brings to a message. It seems more high end, tactful and genuinely savoir faire. And, probably very British.

To Renovate Or Rebuild?

I have finally decided not to renovate our family home. Well, just last night since the dilemma started 3 years ago. I was told that renovating is costlier than building a new house. Besides, creativity is limited in renovation. There are just some things you can not do as some parts are almost impossible to change already. So, I called my mother today and told her I want the house destroyed! She was speechless for a while and, knowing that she did not raise a monthly period-stricken b*tch, had to laugh out loud when she realized it was just me being Marvin again. Very up-to-the-moment. I told her they will practically be homeless until the new one is built while I'd be tightening my already tight belt. Still, I'm nothing short of excited!

Quick Round Up.

My friend Bessie gave birth last week to a baby boy. I told her how happy I am now that she is a mother. Apparently, she's loving every moment of it! Meanwhile, recently, Jocelyn, a classmate from elementary found me in Dubai through Friendster. It was a long shot from those days but I can still remember how she used to fetch me up to go for Christmas carolling every year. Sheer fun and pure business! Hahaha. Incidentally, through Friendster (again, albeit I don't log in to that social networking site very often anymore) also, I found out that one of my high school classmates, Popes and one of my college schoolmates, Abe (he aptly changed it to Yva, that b*tch! hehehehe) are working in Dubai. Have excitedly spoken with them but haven't met all of them yet so, I guess I'd be looking forward to a busier calendar next month. Oh saints save this blog!


  1. I can't seem to deny that MJ'a music was part of my own generation.

    I too are infected with the superlatives and I use "prolly" all the time as chat-lingo. I thought it sounded cool.

  2. mare!!!! i miss you!!! namiss ko tong mansion mo.... wala akong maicomment about your post pero at least nagcocomment ako.. hihi! wala lang! nagkita kami ni geisha nung nag manila ako at sobrang gracious nyang host... ayan! magparamdam ka pag umuwi ka ha?

  3. mare, I feel for you, si fave crush PBA player din kasi hindi na naglalaro =( binaling ko nalang sa iba ang attention ko, ahihihi...

    super true mare, puro MJ hits ang pinatutugtog ngaun..

    Probably mare, :P

    Wow, a new house! Mare, pagpagawa mo rin ako :D

  4. @ k.noizki,

    at tlagang ginoogle ko daw ang "prolly". hahaha.

    @ ifoundme,

    amissyu 2 mare! buti nman at nagbalik kah! kainggit nman ang geisha moments nyo! nasan na ba yun? nde nag-a-update ng blog! kala ko bumalik na sa japan! :-)

    @ mac callister,

    haha! uu nman. :-)

    @ mareng madz,

    totoo yan! may sadness tlga pag si fave player eh hindi naglalaro. walang excitement. at mare, wag kang mag-alala. anjan naman si papa pao para ipagawa ka ng balay! at ksama mo sya dun! im so ingget! :-)

  5. ha ha ha, mare, sana by this year magkabahay na kami :D pero, hinuhulugan palang kasi eh, sabi nya september daw magkakapera sya, wish ko lang, ahihihi :P

  6. probably? I love/hate that word.. very tactic indeed.. and my husband loves using that word to me.. napa ka mathematical!! hindi as unsure as mayby, kase nga it relies on statistics waaah..

    at yang MJ, naalala ko tuloy ang heal the world moments namin nila apple waaah.. ay I love your title.. pop goes the king hihi

    Make or Break

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