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Thursday, December 25, 2008

T'was The Night Before Christmas

I've been unbelievably busy recently kaya hindi na rin ako nakakapag-update ng blog. But I took some time off to observe the Christmas holiday still. I can't miss this!

I have a lot to thank for not just this Christmas but just about everyday of my life. Boy do I feel blessed! And what better way to celebrate the season other than with the people close to your heart. Jeez! We had a blast!

Merry Christmas everyone! Have a really great one! :-)


  1. ang sarap naman ng inyong samahan! more blessings to come sa 2009!

  2. mare, saya naman ng noche buena, nagutom ako =)

  3. ang kulit naman ng mga litrato. parang ang saya ng noche buena niyo. istariray na naman ang mga friendships mo diyan! =)

    advance hafi new year! =)

  4. mare, happy new year to you! mwah!

  5. maliGEISHAng bagong taon mare!

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