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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

September 02

Today, apparently, is a special day. Happy anniversary to all of you!

To Bessie - who arrived in Dubai last week. I will see you soon! Pa-kiss na lang kay Papa Ed. Ahihihihihi.

To Shai - who is currently living in Canada. Pa-cheeseburger ka naman! Ahihihihi. O kaya, sagutin mo naman pamasahe ko pag nagbakasyon ako jan!

To Luwi - who is living a good life in the Philippines. Miss na kita bakla! Tuloy mo naman yung kwento mo tungkol sa lovelife mo. Interesting talaga eh! Pangarap ko kase yan! Ahihiihiihi...

To Jasmin - who is working in Singapore right now. I miss Singapore already! I will pass by for a few days when I get home to the Philippines next time!

To Harold - who works as a Finance Manager in Makati. Sana patuloy lang ang blessings sa inyo ng pamilya mo. Pa-nomo ka paguwi ko ha! Ahahahahaha...

To Garland - who will go to Karama today. Ahihihihi...wag mo naman kalimutang bilhan ako ng cassava cake. Thank you!

To Risha - who stayed in Nueva Ecija with her loved ones. Pare, hinay hinay lang sa babae. Ahihihihi...Jokeness! Miss ko na ang chikahan natin.

In fairness, ako nagpa-uso ng pag-aabroad! Ahihihihihi...Sana patuloy lang tayong swerteheng lahat. Yun lang!


  1. laki ng picture ko ah?mataba na kasi!hehehe tagal n pla ntin magkaibigan bading!i feel the same me though dami nangyari!me got married and you...dami ng boylets!hehehe there so many reasons why i stayed and cherished your friendship.but to cite 1, i dnt feel old in this will always bring back the young bessie...d 1 really tried hard to play table tennis,frown and sometimes had been rude to chaka dolls!:)
    hope everyone's will stay...for any other reasons...or no reason at all.
    happy sept2!;)

  2. hello!wow!nakakaiyak many things have happened na kc...and so many years had passed...but we still cherish the friendship...Thank you MALTOSE for being my friend, my crying shoulder for the times i`ve been down...i`ll never forget that...miss you!hope u`ll visit me someday! belated happy anniv...

  3. aq ung nagcomment...c shai!hihi...

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