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Monday, August 20, 2007

20 days to go! - * the rain*

feel it on my fingertips
hear it on my window pane
your love's comin' down like
wash away my sorrow
take away my pain
your love's comin' down like
(lyrics from the song "Rain" by Madonna )

I guess I would never, ever outgrow my fondness for a rainy day. Being in Dubai for almost 4 years now, I think I have just counted 5 - 7 occasion of rain and I am left convincing myself that it couldn't be that sunny here...(oh well, you can't really have it all, right?)

It's not that I don't like a sunny weather ( although if it goes to extremes like a 50 deg. Cel temperature, I call it quits...), it's just that, there is something about a rainy afternoon that leaves me sooooo damn melancholic...while I'm stucked in my bed listening to Karen Carpenter sing "Yesterday Once More", I look back at my grade school days trying to remember all my classmates' faces, I try to recall the funny and sad memories of my high school years and reminisce the remains of just about anything that defines my yesterday...until I drift asleep...

It is during the rainy season that I enjoy tuyo and Payless (noodles) more. Oh, how I miss the raindrops falling on our rooftop...I miss just chatting ( wantusawang daldalan!!! ) with my family and friends because we got nothing else to do but to stay at home and talk about anything under the sun ( err, under the rain?). Yep! Bonding moments with your loved ones is more intimate during the rainy days...I dunno why but it's true...

Haaaaayyyy, I can't wait to go home and kiss the rain...

1 comment:

  1. That is quite surprising... I have never heard of that before reading your post!
    It makes me quite puzzled and angry too!