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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

19 days to go! - *the mall*

Filipinos would always comment on how difficult life is in the Philippines, mainly complaining about their financial status. Mahal na daw ang mga bilihin ngayon.

But judging from the number of malls sprouting in the Philippines from, like, everywhere, and with every Filipino crowding up each one of them, anyone would think - nasaan ang kahirapan?

My friend Mitz told me that Dubai is arguably the shopping haven to beat. I have contemplated on that for quite some time because I have never really been to some other parts of the world except Philippines, Singapore and Dubai. So, I have looked up for shopping malls in the internet and found out that most of the biggest shopping malls are in Asia and that 4 in the top 10 can be found in the Philippines. Hmmmm, I wonder if that, at all, is relevant to dispute Mitz' contention...

Then, I went on to think further by recalling the times I went shopping in the Philippines and the times I visited the malls in Dubai. And that's when I finally managed my way to a Eureka!

You see, it is not the branded items that departs the Philippine malls from the rest of the world's. On the contrary, I think it is the availability ( or affordability ) of most of the items that endear most Filipinos to frequent shopping malls. It is that feeling of having bought any "something" that would sooner or later remind you of what happened on December 05, 2006 in Glorietta. Which, consequently drives me to my next point.

Most of the times I went out "malling" was with my friends ( or family or special someone ). Call it baduy but there is just so much fun and experience with malling. Siyempre, andun na rin yung pa-cute factor. There are a 1001 ( goodness, even more! ) activities going on in a mall everyday. And some of it would become part of those memories you would really love to recall. ( ok, confirmed, baduy!) Anyway, the point is, it is not just about shopping, it is the experience!

Ah basta! I can not wait to visit at least SM Megamall!

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