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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Letter to Silence

So, silence, did you miss me? I believe you've been plaguing this blog for quite some time. I'm not here to shoo you away. In fact, I like how you do not seem to care yet still stay. I think you're doing the next best thing.

Silence, I don't normally ask for your attention but please allow me this time. I just need us to be together while I mumble some things which I decided to keep to myself for quite a while.

Lend me your ears. I need you to listen while I ask myself questions which I denied answering once upon a time. Let me ponder deeply why. Give me the choice to accept how weak was I.

You can call me ice, silence. I learned it from you. Didn't you teach me to become one? So, if it's not too much, comfort me with gazing eyes while I cry out all the emotions I have expertly tried to hide.

Soothe me with your nothingness. Make me realize how much I deserve that this time.

I admit, my heart is heavy right now. And I want to feel every void, every pain, every hurt, every anger, every regret...

...and then, maybe, just maybe... could bring them with you when you leave, silence. And come back when you hear me again heaving a deep, deep sigh.


As I previously mentioned, this blog is not doomed yet. I would probably edit out the word "yet" from the first sentence if I find enough time to post. I'm not sure why everytime I log in, I find no interest to write anything. And, whenever I find something to write about, I would realize that I am not logged in. Crap! I'm not making any sense, I know.


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