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Monday, November 15, 2010

Call It Hardwork...I Call It Home

Hardwork pays off.

I still can't believe it's almost done. Not really my dream house (yet) but, like what I mentioned to one of my co-workers, if it's something that you want and you never experienced it yet, it still stands as a dream.

I never regret my decision to (re)build our family house. If you have been following my blog, you would probably know by now how I have impulsively decided on it. Just like how I have decided on seriously lots of things in my life. Call it instinct. Call it impulse. I just call it "being me".

The house got rave reviews from neighbors and some visiting friends and relatives. They really like it, oftentimes asking where the design of the structure's taken. Ma always tells them she got it from me. Well, it's true. I gave it to her but the design was the result of house design searches I did through the web and design magazines. Even then, I have just impulsively (again) chose that design from some other designs I "devised" ( I'm so out of words now ).

Honestly, it was not an easy task especially if you're not only putting efforts to a certain project. All the while, I am also considering the fact that most of the money I saved ( and will sacrifice saving in the next few years ) will eventually be contributed to this property.

Looking at this picture now, I can't help but feel really inspired and motivated. It's a long shot from the first time I came here in Dubai when my only goal for coming is to save our family house and lot from "foreclosure". I accomplished that after 2 seemingly-long, difficult years. But that's another story of mine to tell. Nevertheless, everything I learned from it, I am eternally grateful for.

I just feel so envious that my brother will see, feel, touch, smell and taste it first! He just flew back home last night for his yearly vacation and is probably only a few miles away from home now. Dang!


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  2. hey marvin, chico here, kabayan mo sa nueva ecija. nice to see your hardwork in dubai is going into something fruitful. add me in your roll, added u already, thanks buddy!

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  3. @ duboy, novo ecijano? saan ka dun? btw, tnx for droppin by my blog. will add u in my blogroll & will pass by ur blog as well...

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