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Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Randomness

"will you let Eve have the bite?..."

i'd say, why not?

for a fleeting moment, i could forget the cloak of anonymity that covers me. and in a crowd of random DNA's, i could finally be a familiar face to someone...

the thought is just divine!
someone knows me. someone can see a shining, colorful me in a pack of black & white strangers.

...the train station, the laundry room, the sushi stop, the art exhibition, the grocery shop, the music store, the concert hall, the one-off themed party, the football stadium - the roster of places is just endless.

but i know better.

it may have taken me to the edge of infinity to finally learn but, i know better.

randomness does not necessarily equate to emptiness...


  1. yes!!!! booking! hehehheheeh
    naks! ganda talaga ng masusulat pag in love! buti ka pa! ako puro na lang hinagpis, pagdadalamhati, poot, galit at pagkamuhi!

    in short bitter! :D

  2. @ geisha,

    hahahahaha! di ako in love 'ning...i'm just enjoying my life. i choose not to be bitter. there's a lot to be happy about! so, ditch the pagkamuhi at paghihinagpis. just start getting urself ready for the next one that will come along...:-)

  3. the thrill is in randomness, db? :D

  4. aba.ang galing mo magsulat parekoy.dahil kagising ko lang.medyo slow pa.inulit ko basahin.hahaha

  5. pag nalulungkot text mo ko, tatawagan kita tas kakantahan kita ng..

    PAGLISAN ni coloritred..

  6. dumaan,sumilip at naghanap ng bagong post ngunit wala pa.

    busy si marvin. :p

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