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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Playlist - Week 6

Senti mode muna...

1. Right Before Your Eyes - America
2. Baby Come Back - Player
3. One On One - Hall & Oates
4. Love Is My Decision - Chris De Burgh
5. Never Gonna Let You Go - Sergio Mendes

And when they tell you that you're crazy
You've got to try to settle down
You got to turn yourself around
Life is more than just good times and parties...

...But if, I ever have to choose
Love is my decision
With you I just can't lose
Stay here by my side
Love is my decision
Forever you and I

La la la la la...choz! Walang gano'n!
Waaaaahhhh! Miss ko na ang rainy days sa 'Pinas...


  1. mare, ang ganda naman ng playlist mo. biglang gusto kong mag-emote despite of the adrenaline rush... hehehe! uwi ka na dito sa pinas no!

  2. Gustung-gusto ko ang iyong pagtatanghal, ang talent dito, dito ay mabuti :)
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